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Trauma-sensitive consultancies and training

For over 20 years now I have journeyed with projects, groups, and teams in Germany and Austria, and also internationally. My main focus has been on Sub-Saharan Africa, but I have also worked in other countries and continents.

My professional approach in accompanying is underpinned by two central competencies. Firstly, as a psychosocial trauma-sensitive consultant, I firmly align myself with the needs of my clients through creative and participatory needs assessment methodologies that reinforce a sense of safety and empowerment while avoiding the risk of retraumatisation. Within this framework, I start by appreciating what an organisation or project does well and introduce new skills and knowledge that will support the positive aspects of their approach.

Training areas

Secondly, as a trainer and group facilitator, I have conceptualised and implemented trainings with different organisations on various topics, including:

  • Basic counselling skills / trauma-sensitive communication
  • Trauma-related topics such as trauma psychodiagnostics, factors of resilience and vulnerability, transgenerational trauma, trauma dynamics and teams, and similar topics
  • Sexual and gender-based violence and gender trauma psychology
  • Psychosocial methodologies: empowerment work; conscientisation processes, community behaviour change;
  • Mainstreaming trauma-sensitivity in projects and activities
  • Self-care and care within organisations
  • Participatory methodologies and training for community-orientied psychosocial work
  • Liberation psychology in trauma work
  • Spirituality and feminist theology

A selection of partners with whom I have collaborated as a consultant and trainer:

  • AGEH e.V., Köln
  • Akademie für zivile Konfliktbearbeitung, Königswinter
  • Austrian study for peace and conflict resolution, Burgschlaining
  • Brot für die Welt / eed, Berlin
  • Caritas International, Freiburg
  • Caritas Salzburg
  • Diakonie-Flüchtlingshilfe Nürnberg
  • Eirene e.V., Neuwied
  • Forum ZFD, Köln
  • Frauengesundheitszentrum Salzburg
  • Frient, Bonn
  • GIZ, Eschborn / Bonn
  • medica mondiale e.V., Köln
  • Misereor, Aachen
  • missio Aachen
  • Missionsärztliches Institut, Würzburg
  • Rotes Kreuz Salzburg
  • Swisspeace / KOFF, Bern
  • Weltfriedensdienst e.V. Berlin

If you are interested in knowing more about these topics and how I can support you through my offers, please contact me.